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iPhone pushes Prada's buttons

Phone is nice, but trumped by Apple

LG blew it. Weeks ago, we showed you some leaked photos of its Prada touch-screen phone, which appeared to have some groundbreaking features, but the company remained mum. Now, as the obsession with the iPhone continues to dwarf any other product in the entire communications industry, LG has decided to make it official with a relative whimper.

The Prada phone will also debut in Europe and Asia long before it hits U.S. shores--like so many of the fashion house's clothing lines. (At least it's being consistent.) Engadget says it has a 3-inch display and a 2-megapixel camera but "there's no mention of multi-touch capabilities, an on-screen keyboard, or the accelerometer and proximity sensors found on the iPhone." Not to mention a white-on-black color scheme.

Clearly, any top-shelf handset from now on will be measured against Apple's specs. That would have happened eventually anyway, but LG could have at least had a moment in the sun if it acted sooner when the Prada phone was obviously ready. And with a price of nearly $800, it may need all the help it can get if it expects any significant mainstream consumption.