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Tech Industry

iPhone posts strong monthly gains

Despite the iPhone 4's antenna issues, Apple's iOS experienced its largest single month market share gain ever in July, research firm says.

The iPhone 4 may have gone through some troubling times with its antenna issues, but a study from a market research firm shows that users don't seem to care.


According to a new study from Netmarketshare, Apple's iOS mobile operating system experienced its largest single month market share gain ever in July. Apple's iOS market share grew from 0.59 percent in June to 0.7 percent in July.

The report also said that the iPhone usage share grew at over twice the pace of Android.

Another market researcher, Canalys, on Monday said Apple's smartphone market grew by 61 percent, giving the company 13 percent of the worldwide market. That wasn't enough to outperform Android devices that jumped 866 percent from the year ago quarter.

Netmarketshare also reported on Monday that Apple's Safari Web browser broke the 5 percent market share for the first time in July. The browser's June market share was 4.85 percent.

Internet Explorer topped the list with 60.74 percent market share while Mozilla came in at 22.91 percent and Chrome at 7.24 percent.