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iPhone packaging

iPhone packaging details are worth a look, because the designers put a lot of effort into them!


OK, honestly, did you notice that Apple bothered to indent the button on the cover of the iPhone box? And have the whole phone slightly embossed? Let us not forget how far those design geeks at Apple go. That bag was incredible too, no creases! And it fit the iPhone boxes perfectly...three stacked would be just right, or perhaps two and some accessories. And the plastic piece that held up the iPhone when you first opened the box. What about that thick foam in the top of the lid? They really did think of everything. I just took some photographs and gushed about the design over at NOTCOT, but I couldn't resist mentioning it here too...after all, we all know that design is about far more than just the products themselves. Feel free to take a peek at more pics of all the details about the iPhone packaging that I couldn't help gushing about here.

P.S. Yes, I have heard that I might have a packaging fetish. It certainly was one of my first design passions as a kid.