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iPhone owners more loyal than Android users -- study

According to new data from Retrevo, 81 percent of current iPhone owners will buy another Apple handset when it's time for their next purchase.


Android vendors shouldn't expect to make many friends with Apple's current customers.

In a study released Tuesday by gadget-comparison company Retrevo, 81 percent of current iPhone owners will buy another Apple handset when their contracts are up and they have to purchase another device. Another 14 percent of current iPhone owners identify themselves as "undecided." Just 4 percent say that they plan to switch to Android.

It's a different story on the Android side. Just under two-thirds of current Android owners -- 63 percent -- say that they'd stick with a handset running Google's operating system. Another 12 percent plan to switch to the iPhone, while 23 percent say they're unsure what they'll buy next time around.

Retrevo dug down into its data, and found that 17 percent of iPhone owners would like to have a larger screen in their next handset. On the Android side, 21 percent of people indicated a desire for a larger screen. Just 5 percent of iPhone owners want a cheaper device.

Here are some more findings from Retrevo's study:

  • Men are more likely to prefer Android phones, while women would rather have an iPhone.
  • 35 percent of current iPhone owners say that they're waiting to buy another handset until Apple shows off its next smartphone. Just 6 percent of Android users are doing the same.
  • Only 6 percent of people say that they're excited about the long-rumored iWatch.