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iPhone OS 3.1 adds video editing and Voice Control options

Reports are coming in detailing new features and bug fixes in the iPhone OS 3.1 beta that was released this week.

Thanks to a few iPhone Atlas readers, we've learned of some of the new features in the beta release of iPhone OS 3.1. Though the changes are fairly substantial, we don't know if they'll be included in the software's final release. Here's what we've heard so far.

  • After editing a video on the iPhone 3GS, you have the option of saving your edited clip as a new file or replacing your original video.
  • Though no AT&T support is evident, MMS is now enabled on the phone as a default setting.
  • The phone vibrates as you arrange Home screen icons.
  • Mobile Safari now supports "Fraud Protection."
  • App launches, start-up and shutdown appear to be faster.
  • Voice Control now works over Bluetooth, which allows you to initiate calls and control the iPod player via a wireless connection. Yet, it doesn't appear that Voice Control is better at understanding spoken commands.
  • There are improvements not only to OpenGL and Quartz but also for developers in APIs for third-party access and editing videos.
  • You'll find a new AT&T SMTP entry in the Mail settings; this could this be used to support MMS.
  • There's a new error message regarding video clip size restrictions when trying to share a video. The maximum size is unknown at the time of this writing.
  • The battery gauge appears to better represent current battery life.
  • The modem firmware version is 05.08.01 and the AT&T carrier profile version is 4.2

From what we know, the Gold Master (final release) of 3.1 may arrive on July 17, which is almost one month after the iPhone 3GS's debut. Please share any other enhancements or bug fixes that you find in the comments.