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iPhone OS 2.0 will include Bonjour, full-screen Safari mode, more

iPhone OS 2.0 will include Bonjour, full-screen Safari mode, more

Apple's developer documentation reveals some interesting new features that will be included with iPhone OS 2.0, due in June, or perhaps an earlier OS release. The functions are already included in the "Aspen Emulator" included with the iPhone SDK, which carries OS version 1.2.

  • Bonjour Full support for bonjour (Apple's zero configuration networking scheme) will be included in iPhone OS 2.0. This allows you to discover and connect with other nearby iPhones. Bonjour is available in the foundation, core foundation and base system includes. This feature was existent but dormant in previous iPhone OS releases.
  • Full-screen mode in Safari This means that Web apps can be displayed without the Safari address bar and other elements. With an appropriate meta tag, a Web app launched from the home screen can automatically be launchd in full-screen mode.
  • Support for SVG (scalable vector graphics 1.1.): a resolution-independent image format that is highly compressible
  • A series of new CSS effects some of which are hardware accelerated, for transforms, transitions and animations