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iPhone not to blame for Duke outage

It turns out Apple's new device wasn't the culprit for wireless network outages at Duke University, as reports alleged earlier this week.

So much for the theory iPhone designers were North Carolina fans. Cisco and Duke University are now absolving the iPhone of any blame for wireless network outages at the school, as was earlier alleged, but they aren't saying exactly what caused the problems.

Turns out the iPhone was wrongly accused of causing the Blue Devils Wi-Fi problems. Duke University

In a news report earlier this week, a Duke official directly implicated the iPhone for causing network issues that knocked out parts of Duke's wireless network. But Duke spokeswoman Tracy Futhey, in a statement Friday on the school's Web site, said: "The reality is that a particular set of conditions made the Duke wireless network experience some minor and temporary disruptions in service. Those conditions involve our deployment of a very large Cisco-based wireless network that supports multiple network protocols."

Cisco added that it worked closely with Duke and Apple to identify the source of this problem, and has "provided a fix that has been applied to Duke's network and the problem has not occurred since," according to a statement.

A Cisco representative declined to comment on the exact fix that was applied, and whether other customers will be affected by a similar problem.

Apple declined to comment on the specifics of the issue, directing questions to Duke officials.

CNET's Tom Krazit contributed to this report.