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iPhone keyboard: Learns what you type, dynamically resizes key "hot zones"

iPhone keyboard: Learns what you type, dynamically resizes key "hot zones"

Another iPhone demonstration video has been posted to Apple's Web site, this time detailing usage of device's the virtual, touch-screen keyboard.

Claiming that the keyboard "constantly analyzes keystrokes as you type," Apple says the iPhone keyboard uses two methods of text prediction: storage of frequently used words, including names and other data stored on the device, and a full dictionary that can auto-correct mistyped words.

As previously recommended, Apple says its best to start by using one finger with "deliberate" taps to type.

A magnifying glass pops up when touching and dragging over words to make corrections.

In addition to analyzing a word that was entered and suggesting a correction (e.g. "ouzza" yields a suggested "pizza"), the iPhone has a feature that will dynamically resize the "hot zone" for a key that you are likely to press next. For instance, if you are typing the word "time" and enter "tim," the iPhone keyboard will automatically increase the hot zone size for the "e" key, since that is the most common letter to press next.

The iPhone keyboard program looks for common contractions automatically, and suggests them as the word is typed. For instance, starting a sentence with "Let" will trigger the iPhone to suggest "Let's."

The video ends with demonstrations hands rapidly typing with two hands on the iPhone keyboard.