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iPhone keyboard case lets things slide

Get your fingers on a real keyboard with the Concord Keystone Eco Slider case for iPhone. A QWERTY keyboard slides out from hiding to save your chunky fingers from fumbling with the touch screen.

Concord Keystone Eco Slider Bluetooth Keyboard
Why don't you slide on over here? Concord Keystone

Once upon a time, cell phones with small screens were supplemented with an invention known as the slider keyboard. This advance made texting much more pleasant for fleet-fingered phone users.

Now that touch screens have taken over the market, virtual keyboards are the norm. It's not always fun trying to cram your digits onto a digital representation of a keyboard. With the Concord Keystone Eco Slider, you can turn your iPhone into a keyboard-toting slider phone.

This isn't a brand spanking new idea. ThinkGeek came out with the TK-421 iPhone keyboard that swivels into position. Concord Keystone keeps things a little more compact with a straightforward sliding motion.

The $49.99 Slider consists of a case that you snap onto your iPhone 4. A small QWERTY keyboard slides out of the bottom for your texting and e-mailing pleasure.

It connects through Bluetooth and a full charge can give you up to 30 hours of typing time. The keyboard will suck some of the sleek off of your iPhone, but that's the trade-off you make for having real keys to push.

Now, when someone says, "Hey, is that an LG Rumor? How retro!" you can secretly chuckle to yourself and know that it's really an iPhone with a Concord Keystone Eco Slider case.