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iPhone hack can bypass password

Apple is working on fixing bugs that involve the lock-screen passcode and exchange accounts, and the Tamagotchi is reborn in app form.

Thursday's CNET Update is reliving the '90s:

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Apple is addressing two iOS bugs mentioned in today's tech news roundup. But one isn't so much a "bug" as it is an exploit to bypass a lock-screen passcode through a series of steps. Once bypassed, it's possible to make calls and listen to voice mail messages. Another fix is coming for those that use Exchange Sync. Some iOS 6.1 users were seeing batteries drain faster because it was excessively communicating with Exchange servers.

Also in today's report:

- Research firm IDC breaks down which smartphones dominated during the fourth quarter of 2012. More than 70 percent of smartphones shipped in that time were Android phones, with the iPhone making up about 20 percent.

- Firefox is working on a touch-centric browser for the Windows 8 operating system. But it is still in the early stages of testing.

- The Tamagotchi has been reborn in app form! It's been 16 years since Bandi first came out with the digital pocket pet, and now it's available for free in Google Play.

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