iPhone gun app goes Bang!Bang!

iPhone app Bang!Bang! brings sights and sounds of simulated firearms to the iPhone.


iPhone users have been inundated with apps that make a variety of different realistic sounds--some rather innocent and others quite crass. Now, your iPhone can make realistic cops-and-robbers sounds, too, with Bang!Bang! (iTunes Link) for $1.99.

The app recreates the sounds of firing different firearms using "cinema quality effects sourced from Oscar-Winning Sound Designers," according to the developer. In our experience, the "gun" sounds so real that it might be dangerous to use the app in the wrong circumstances--say, in a corner store or a crowded theater.

Bang!Bang! requires you to hold your iPhone like a gun to "fire" and adds to the realism by allowing southpaws to lefty-flip the gun so they don't shoot themselves in the foot. Kicking is reduced (unlike a real firearm) and a silencer for the would-be assassin is optional. You can even engage a safety.

At some point, the company plans to release Bang!Bang! Original Gangsta, featuring filed-off serial numbers; it's a funny addition, but certainly not worth another $2. In the meantime, iPhone users might want to practice holding their gun--er, iPhone--like James Bond.

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