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iPhone gets a mouthpiece

Logic3 lays claim to first speaker dock for the phone.

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Given that the iPod seems to have spawned more accessories than any other invention known to humankind, it stands to reason that we can expect the same from the iPhone. In fact, we're surprised it's taken this long--all of six weeks since its debut--for the first speaker dock to appear.

That, at least, is the claim made by U.K.-based Logic3 for its "i-Station Traveler," a portable 4-watt dual speaker system that can accommodate the iPhone, whether it be in an upright or supine position. Once comfortably ensconced, according to SlipperyBrick, the speakers slide together to cover up their treasured cargo.

Although the i-Station is being marketed specifically for the iPhone, it can actually fit other media players as well. (They'd be crazy not to jump on that bandwagon, after all.) We can't wait to see the first matching cooler and barbecue set.