iPhone cell phone charms at last...Yay?

The Japanese have finally figured out how to add cell phone charms to the iPhone... via adhesive cups. Cheating? Cop-out?

Adhesive buttons that make it possible to attach cell phone charms to your iPhone
Adhesive buttons make it possible to attach cell phone charms to your iPhone. Strap-ya, Screenshot by Nicole Lee/CNET

Leave it to the Japanese to finally figure out a way to add cell phone charms to the iPhone, or just about any handheld that doesn't have a little loop for the charm to wrap around (which seems to be a must-have design option in Japan). The answer? Adhesive buttons. Just stick 'em on your phone (iPhone or otherwise) and wrap your strap/dongle/charm of choice to it.

This isn't an iPhone-specific thing of course, but I guess there are a surprising number of people wanting to attach a charm to the iPhone and realizing they can't.

The only problem is that it looks pretty ugly. I understand the whole cell phone charm thing and wanting to customize the look of your phone, but the adhesive button is just unsightly--it looks like your iPhone has a growth coming out of it.

Plus, once you stick it on, good luck getting it off. I recommend getting one of those colorful iPhone decals instead if you want to stand out from the crowd. But hey, if you're a charm fanatic, go ahead and get one if you can decipher the Japanese on the Strap-ya page. It's only $2.19 but the shipping is probably way more than that.

(Via Gizmodo)

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