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iPhone cases: Protect your pricey precious

If you're looking for an iPhone casing that will protect your precious purchase, or just a stocking filler for an Apple fanboy, these beauties should do the trick

Spending £269 on a mobile phone before you've even started paying for the monthly contract isn't a cheap endeavour, so you'd better think about protecting it. So we've put together a few cases available to buy just in time for Christmas.

From silicone cases that'll absorb the shock of an accidental drop, to flashy leather cases which wouldn't go amiss in a Ferrari's glove compartment, we think these cases should satisfy everyone's needs.

iSkin revo
If you're not keen on hard plastic cases and prefer silicon ones, the iSkin revo is a worthy option. Consisting of a silicone glove-like section and an optional cover to go over the iPhone's lovely screen, this case will absorb any small bumps and possibly even a few drops. Click through for more cases.

We took the iSkin revo out on the road for over a week and found it didn't get in the way of using the iPhone too much, provided you don't use the extra screen cover -- it gets rather annoying after a while.

It's worth mentioning that silicone isn't particularly slippy, which is great for when you want to make sure you've got a proper hold of your iPhone. It's not so great if you're trying to squash it into the pocket of a tight pair of jeans, though.

You can pick one up from a variety of online shops for around £20.

Vaja iPhone case
If you're looking for something a little more luxurious you can't go wrong with Vaja's line-up of high-end cases. These leather beauties come in a variety of patterns and will attract even the most cynical of admirers.

There are a variety of different Vaja cases (yes, we know the name sounds weird) on offer, but we settled on this little brown number that conceals the iPhone entirely. You can literally smell the quality.

If you fancy purchasing a Vaja case, you can do so from the Vaja Web site and it'll cost you anything from a not so wallet-friendly $60 (£30).

Proporta Alu-Leather Edge
Proporta make a massive number of cases, which is why we weren't surprised when they informed us of this, which combines leather and metal in a straightforward way. Not one of our favourites, but it serves its purpose.

The reason we're not totally taken with this case is that the upper flap needs to be pushed in between the two bits at the bottom to protect the screen and can become dislodged if you're not careful. Other than that, it's pretty tough.

You can pick the Proporta Alu-Leather Edge from the Proporta Web site for about £30.

Proporta Crystal Holster
Here's another Properta case, although this time it's not really a case. This plastic holster is designed for people who need quick access to the iPhone and don't want to have to reach into their pocket for it.

While we appreciate that some people are comfortable with wearing phones on their belts, we're not sure you'd want to do it in an inner city after dark -- but if that's how you roll, we ain't going to stop you.

You can pick up the Proporta Crystal Holster from the Proporta Web site for about £12.

Proporta Alu-Crystal Case
The final Proporta case to feature in our line-up is also our favourite of the bunch. Consisting of a metal back and a plastic front with a moveable flap, this case will keep your precious iPhone out of harm's way.

Our only concern about the Proporta Alu-Crystal Case is that the plastic flap on the front, which protects the screen and can be lifted to use the touchscreen, seems slightly flimsy and could break off if handled too roughly.

Again, you can buy it at the Proporta Web site for about £15.

Griffin elan Holster
Similar to the Vaja case, this leather holster feels like a quality product, but instead of lifting a flap up to access the touchscreen, you have to take the whole iPhone out. Some people will prefer this design, as it's less of a case and more of a pouch.

We like the quality feel of the Griffin elan Holster and recommend it to any leather fetishist, but keep in mind this is a holster and not a case you can use the iPhone with while it's in it.

If all you want to do is pop the iPhone in your bag and make sure it's protected, you can pick a Griffin elan Holster up for about £20 from

Wrappers personalised iPhone sleeves
We're big fans of this small outfit's products, particularly because they offer something classy and a little bit different. Wrappers don't do plastic, instead relying on quality materials to create expensive looking-looking sleeves you can personalise with your initials stitched on the inside.

The great thing is they're not expensive -- you can pick up a Wrappers personalised iPhone sleeve for about £15. Not only will it protect your iPhone from scratches, but you can rest assured you'll stand out from the crowd.

If you fancy being a little different and a little stylish -- without a ridiculous price tag -- pop along to the Wrappers Web site for more information.

Griffin Streamline iPhone armband
If it's not style you're looking for, but something sporty and practical, the Griffin Streamline iPhone armband is for you. Allowing you to strap your iPhone to your leg or arm, this case is ready for action.

Once inside, your iPhone's screen will be protected from splashes and light rain, but best of all you don't have to worry about dropping it or putting it in a pocket -- you can just strap it on and run to your heart's content.

The Griffin Streamline iPhone armband is available to buy for about £15 from