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iPhone case, wall charger combo arriving sooner than planned

The case that offers iPhone 4/4S owners a way to plug their phone directly into wall sockets will be arriving sooner than originally planned.

The JuiceTank iPhone case.
The JuiceTank iPhone case. Detached.

The Kickstarter project called JuiceTank that promises to combine a mobile phone charger and a case in one tidy package will be ready sooner than originally estimated, according to its creators.

Today, Detached -- the company behind the JuiceTank -- said it was "in the final stages of development" and that the tooling segment of production was ahead of schedule.

The peculiar hybrid, which was unveiled last month on idea incubator Kickstarter, differs from the bevy of cases with built-in charging features. Instead of including a built-in battery to augment runtime, it has an integrated wall plug that lets you plug your iPhone 4/4S directly into an outlet, eliminating the need to use a USB-based charger.

The project launched with the goal of raising $125,000 and has since pulled in more than $67,300, with a little more than a month left to go. Even so, those funds cannot be accessed until the goal is met. In a release today, JuiceTank's creators said they are using "interim capital" to get production underway, which will get the product ready by this summer instead of the original launch time frame slated for the very end of this year.

Detached is sticking with its $70 retail price for the case, however, for those who contribute at least $55 to the Kickstarter campaign will get a case ahead of when it goes on sale, the company said.