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iPhone case lets you pop open a cold one

The new Be a Headcase iPhone case comes equipped with a bottle/can opener for when you're mixing your favorite tunes with a tall frosty brew. And its tie-in app plays a tune every time you throw one back.

Other World Computing

There are iPhone cases that protect the world-changing devices from sledgehammer blows. There are cases that act as backup batteries. There are fashion cases that match your ensemble and waterproof cases that invite your iPhone to the beach.

But if you're anything like me, you've been waiting for a reliable iPhone case that can knock some of the pretension out of that little box of delights--something to make it a little more redneckish.

Jackpot! Here comes Be a HeadCase, the iPhone case with a bottle/can opener included. It's the kind of essential kit that should complete your summertime music enjoyment. Picture yourself at that Fourth of July barbecue. You've finished your sixth bratwurst and are coming down with a soothing game of Angry Birds (Early Mid Late Early Summer Edition). Nothing would quench your thirst and flush out the nitrates more than a tall, frosty long-neck brew. Yowza! But then your mother calls far too late to warn you against eating six brats. How can you juggle your iPhone multitasking and get those lifesaving suds down your gullet? (And, no it's not a twist-off.)

With the $25 Be A HeadCase, you just flip your iPhone over and pop open your 12 to 16 ounces of brain-cell-killing joy juice. The case comes with the app of the same name that plays a sound or a song and displays a photo of your choice every time you crack one open.

According to online purveyor Other World Computing, Be A HeadCase features a built-in, stainless steel bottle/can-tab opener on the back of "a slim, durable-protection hard-shell plastic case." It has a slip resistant rubber coating "for shock absorption in addition to impact and scratch protection for your iPhone." But, let's be honest. It's all wrapped up tight and rubberized because the entire purpose of the case is not to protect your phone. It's to get more hops and barley in your piehole faster. And that could mean iPhoning while under the influence, increasing the risk of spills.

With that in mind, you might also want to look into a waterproof case, too. Or just lay off the sauce (and the brats).