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iPhone browser problems? Try clearing cache and cookies

iPhone browser problems? Try clearing cache and cookies

If you're having problems loading specific Web pages, tap the Settings button on your iPhone, then access the Safari section. Here you'll find several options that can help resolve page loading issues:

  • Clear Cache, Cookies Try these options first. Safari for the iPhone doesn't have a very aggressive caching mechanism, but sometimes clearing it can trigger stubborn pages to load. Cookies can also become problematic. Delete them and re-try loading the page(s).
  • Plug-ins Disabling plug-ins is a tactic that has proven useful for problems loading pages in the Windows and Mac OS X versions of Safari. Though we haven't heard of a case yet, you might want to the try disabling the iPhone's Safari plug-ins when problems loading pages arise. Note that some video will not play if plug-ins are turned off.