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iPhone App: <i>Hero of Sparta</i>

New iPhone App 'Hero of Sparta' action adventure game

When you think of portable gaming, two handheld systems come to mind: the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. But soon you may have to include the iPhone/iPod Touch in that same breath.

With the Apps Store's wide variety of downloadable content, and the fact you don't have to carry any cartridges or memory cards, the iPhone is an ideal device for your all-around entertainment.

However when most people think of gaming on their phone, games like Tetris, Blackjack, Sudoku, and Bejeweled come to mind. Not that there's anything wrong with them, they're great games. But what about an action-adventure game? Well, thanks to Gameloft we now have one, Hero of Sparta, available for download on the Apps Store for $9.99.

This game has a God of War meets 300 feel, but it all comes together nicely in this hack-and-slash for the iPhone. You play King Argos, a Spartan who is unafraid of defying the gods and because of this faces many challenges in this mythological 3D adventure.

The control scheme is very similar to Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes; there is a virtual joystick on the lower left side of the screen that controls Argos' movements, and to the right is a block and attack button. During certain battle sequences you can unleash touch-screen combos to finish your enemies swiftly.

The video below has actual game play; take a look.

video credit: Gameloft