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iPhone app hands-on: Twitterific

iPhone app hands-on: Twitterific

The Iconfactory has created two versions of Twitterrific, its Twitter client for the iPhone. One is an advertisement supported free version while the other is a Premium version that's advertisement free. The latter sells for $9.99. The iPhone version of Twitterrific will display all recent posts ("tweets"). These include all replies and direct messages from Twitter. The application has been designed for either left or right handed use and allows easy attachment of photos, locations and favorites.Like the desktop version, Twitterific for the iPhone is easy to use and has a clean interface. The App uses coloring to differentiate between Tweets and direct messages. In the default interface, direct messages are a tan color whereas the Tweets are blue. A nicely done hints system has also been implemented.

The program takes advantage of location services and like many other early iPhone apps. If a tweet is received from from nearby, the user is presented with highlighted link that launches Maps. The app also has a built-in mini-browser that lets you display some links and @screen_names. Lots of built in pop-up hints are also included. Craig Hockenberry from the Iconfactory offers some tips, comments and known issues for the App here.