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iPhone accessories we could see soon

Remember that toilet-paper-holder iPod docking station? That could soon be a spot for your iPhone. While some accessories are ready for the iPod's famous new cousin, many more iPhone garnishes are yet to come.

This could be your iPhone Old Fashioned Values

Tech's latest bundle of joy, the Apple iPhone, has been brought into the gadget world with plenty of clip-on cases and headphone adapters that eager users can show off as soon as they rip the iPhone out of its sleek, black cardboard box.

However, there's still much to anticipate in the way of compatible third-party peripherals like those that have been bestowed upon the iPod, iPhone's suddenly-neglected cousin. Take the iPod shoulder bag and famous iCarta iPod toilet paper holder, for example. Yet it's only a matter of time until our favorite phone accessory manufacturers cook up products for the newest celebrity gadget. Here are some possibilities:

1. Branded iPhone cleaning kit
When spit and a t-shirt corner aren't enough.

2. Battery-operated stylus
Generates enough heat to activate the touch screen, improving typing efficiency for the square-fingered and long-nailed iPhoner users among us. Also relieves repetitive stress for marathon typers.

3. Beeping locater device
It's a $600 phone; do you want to lose it?!

4. Battery for iPhone port
A slim, external battery that plugs into the iPhone's proprietary USB port would charge 'er up when other electrical outlets are scarce.

5. Bluetooth iPhone remote
For taking self-portraits, navigating through videos, and selecting songs without having to finger-trawl the interface.