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iPhone accessories a-go-go

Buying an iPhone is like bringing home a newborn — you want to ensure you have everything prepared so that it's comfortable and cared for. To this end, here are some iPhone accessories for the feverishly anticipated handset.

Altec Lansing's T612

The 3G iPhone may not be a tangible, lickable reality quite yet, but in the days leading up to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, companies are queuing up to shout about their iPhone-compatible accessories.

First up is Altec Lansing's T612 speaker dock. Its boasting point is that it incorporates shielding to prevent a deafening "dit-dit-di-dit-dit-di-dit" screaming from the speakers when a call comes in. Other features include treble and bass control, a remote and a line of pretty blue LEDs that awakens when you adjust the volume.

Priced at AU$399, the T612 is available now and will work with dock-connector iPod models in addition to the hallowed iPhone.

Also on the doorstep of the iPhone party is Philips, who would like you all to know that its DLO range of accessories is ready and raring for purchase as soon as His Turtleneckedness announces the handset for Australia.

Items include portable speakers, a car charger and the inevitable deluge of cases, covers and silicone sleeves — though if the rumours of a new form factor are true, they won't be of much use.