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iPhone a no-show in Orlando (almost)

Not that we expected it, but Apple's iPhone is a rare find at the CTIA show.

Apple iPhone CNET Networks

Here at CTIA, there's one cell phone that everybody is talking about but is nowhere to be seen in the Orange County Convention Center. That phone, of course, is Apple's iPhone, which is set to be available in just two months. While we're not surprised in the least that Apple didn't come to Orlando, we are surprised Cingular is taking such a low-key approach as well. As the exclusive carrier of the iPhone, you'd think Cingular could own this show simply by putting one of the phones behind glass. And if they had a few out in the booth for people to play with, CTIA would become CTI-what-A?

But just as the iPhone shunned CES, it's doing the same here. So instead of fighting crowds to get our first chance to touch, smell, and taste Apple's new device, we'll be bringing you news of all the other phones on display. Yes, other cell phones still exist.

Update: It appears a Cingular exec has flashed the iPhone at least once during a very short demo. Cingular/AT&T also confirmed that the handset is in the certification process and is on track for a June launch. So while the iPhone is in Orlando, it's still darn-near impossible to find.