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iPhone 8 trade-ins spike ahead of iPhone X, says reseller

One tech recycling site says Apple's new model is already being returned.

Something strange is afoot with Apple's new iPhone 8.

Tech recycling site Decluttr is seeing more trade-ins of both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus than any other new iPhone right after its launch, the company reported. Declutter told CNET that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus make up 7 percent of its total buy-backs. 

"The highest figure to that previously has been 2 percent with the iPhone 6S," a spokesperson said.

While the site said that trade-ins for previous iPhone models always increase before any new iPhone launch, it's unusual for the trade-in device to also be a brand-new iPhone. Apple's strategy to release three new iPhones within a few weeks of one another is the likely cause, especially if it indicates iPhone 8 buyers deciding to upgrade to the priciest iPhone, the iPhone X, after using the 8 or 8 Plus. 

Apple's highest-end iPhone X goes on sale Nov. 3, with preorders starting this Friday, Oct. 27.

Of course, Decluttr is just one site, and not necessarily an accurate measure of total iPhone 8 sales and returns. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.