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iPhone 6 could feature inductive charging, will be a major revamp

Apple's sixth iPhone could feature a new type of charging tech according to reports, and is rumoured to be a major revamp of the iPhone, while the imminent iPhone 5 will feature only minor changes.

Apple is planning on introducing some new charging tech for the iPhone 6 in 2012, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

We'd hazard that this could mean inductive charging, which is a technology that charges gadgets without the need for disgusting, old-fashioned wires. Seriously, wires. Gross.

We're seeing more and more technology that uses inductive charging, which sends power from a charging station to a device using inductive coupling. A recent Rolls Royce concept electric car used it, and -- somewhat less glamorously -- it is how electric toothbrushes recoup lost charge.

The disadvantage of this kind of charging is that it's rather inefficient, so Apple will have to reconcile that with the earth's ice caps and whales if it decides to use inductive tech in the iPhone 6.

The report also suggests that the iPhone 6 will be a radical leap forward for the range, akin to the transition from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4. We've heard whispers of an edge-to-edge display, and that the sixth iteration could pack NFC tech, which could let you pay for stuff using your phone. Natty.

The iPhone 5 meanwhile is tipped to for a September release, but might not be a massive change in terms of hardware. The most exciting new features will likely come with the new iOS 5 software, which shamelessly rips off takes inspiration from Google's Android OS, including a notification window that slides down from the top of the screen.

We'd urge Apple not to dally too much with the new features -- the excellent Samsung Galaxy S 2 proves that other manufacturers are now keeping pace with the iPhone

What would you like to see in the next iPhone? Would you be gutted if the iPhone 5 is a boring minor update? Let us know in the comments.