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iPhone 5S 'Touch ID' button said to be on show tonight

Apple's set to unveil new fingerprint-scanning tech called Touch ID tonight, according to reports, which will be built into the iPhone 5S' home button.

Apple's going to be all fingers and thumbs tonight. The iPhone 5S, due to be launched this evening at a glitzy event in California, will be the first Apple mobile to feature fingerprint technology dubbed Touch ID, according to reports.

The much-rumoured identity-checking tech -- further fuelled yesterday in leaked photos and videos of an altered home button -- has been confirmed by "people familiar with the matter", the Wall Street Journal reports.

A new leaked photo of Apple promo material, courtesy of French blog Nowhere Else (and pictured above), names the new scanner as 'Touch ID'. It's built into the iPhone 5S' home button, which no longer features the familiar rounded square of previous models.

Digit decoding will be the major change from last year's iPhone 5, along with a slightly upgraded camera, according to rumours -- the 5S is set to boast a dual LED flash and a wider f/2.0 aperture.

It's also expected to burst onto the scene in new hues, with a graphite back appearing on the formerly all-black model, and a champagne gold version bubbling up for the first time.

That's nothing compared to the riot of colours due to grace the cheaper, plastic-cased iPhone 5C, which is rumoured to follow in the footsteps of the iPod and lighten up the range. Whether that's to head off the emerging threat of Nokia's inexpensive, cheerfully designed Lumias we don't know -- but it'll be very interesting to compare them.

CNET will be descending on tonight's event with an army of reporters, photographers and video producers, so stay tuned for all the news and first impressions. And let me know what you're looking forward to most in the comments, or on our primed-and-ready Facebook page.

Image credit: Nowhere Else