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iPhone 5S to get 128GB model, analyst reckons

The report also discusses possible RAM details for Apple's next blower, as well as the rumoured fingerprint scanner.

The new iPhone will move the goalposts in terms of smart phone storage, with a whopping 128GB capacity option, according to one analyst's predictions.

KSI Securities industry navel-gazer Ming-Chi Kuo reckons the new iPhone will offer the bumped-up storage as an option for those who crave plenty of space for photos and videos, 9to5Mac reports.

Earlier this year Apple released a version of the iPad that has 128GB of storage, though it charged an obscene £639 for the privilege. CNET UK's readers were none too impressed with that high price, though I suspect if Apple does make a 128GB iPhone, it'll nevertheless be very pricey indeed.

Elsewhere Kuo reckons the next iPhone will be powered by the A7 processor, which would certainly make sense as the iPhone 5 employed the A6 chip. It's tipped to use 1GB of RAM, half the amount top-notch Android blowers such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 employ.

There are a few more outlandish claims too, though they do chime with rumours we've heard before. One is the iPhone 5S will come in gold -- something that leaked components have hinted at before -- but that certainly sounds odd when you consider that to date Apple's phones and tablets have been strictly monochome.

The other says the next iPhone will have a fingerprint scanner on its home button, which we've heard mentioned before and is actually hinted at in new iOS 7 code.

Apple is tipped to reveal the new iPhone on 10 September, and could also show off a cheaper version made of colourful plastic, rumoured to be called the iPhone 5C.

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