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iPhone 5S shows off curved back in new leaked pictures

New photos from China claim to show the hotly tipped cheaper iPhone 5S in curved-back action.

Is this the next iPhone? As rumours swirl around the coming of a cheaper, smaller Apple blower -- which word on the street is calling iPhone 5S -- new photos from China claim to show the hotly tipped phone in action.

The pictures are from Chinese site Weibo and shared by, and if they're real, show the back of what could be the first cheaper iPhone. The leaked phone has a curved back, like the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but with a new Lightning connector for charging and syncing.

Speculation is rife that Apple will release a cheaper version of the iPhone, to challenge the wide range of mid-range and low-end Android phones taking money off those over here who can't afford a high-end dog and bone like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4. It may also appeal to phone fans in the developing world. Developing markets are widely considered to be the biggest potential opportunity for gadget-makers, so it could be time Apple made its first cheaper iPhone.

After all, Apple responded to the market with a smaller and cheaper iPad, in the form of the iPad mini.

Apple's annual developer hoedown WWDC is next week, but we're not expecting to see a new iPhone unveiled there. It'll probably be later in the year before the next Apple phone is unveiled.

WWDC is expected to see a new look for Apple's iOS software, however. It's set to ditch the skeuomorphic design -- features like fake stitching and paper that ape real-life stuff -- for a flat, black-and-white look. Press play on our video

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Do these pictures look real to you? Would you go for a cheaper iPhone over a mid-range Android? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.