iPhone 5S packaging leaks, hints at fingerprint scanner

The packaging for Apple's iPhone 5S suggests we could well see a fingerprint scanner built into the handset's home button.

Just two days to go until Apple lifts the curtain on its latest range of iPhones. What appears to be the iPhone 5S's packaging has just leaked, and it has a silver ring around the home button. Which suggests Apple's made some changes to that part somehow. Get ready to forget your passwords, it looks like that fingerprint scanner we've heard so much about could well be in the next iteration of iPhone.

Of course these pictures could be fake. There's no background image on the iPhone's screen for starters, which raises my eyebrow. But they do add to a mounting pile of evidence pointing to the appearance of a fingerprint scanner.

The images come from iPhone in Canada, via AppleInsider. The silver ring on the packaging could be to differentiate the handset from other Apple models that don't feature a fingerprint scanner. The home button has stayed pretty much unchanged since the first iPhone back in 2007, so any modification would be worth highlighting. Cybercrime has become a big problem, with more than 9 million of us Brits falling victim to it in the last year. A biometric system would make your handset more secure.

Apple bought biometrics firm AuthenTec last summer, suggesting a fingerprint scanner would make an appearance in its next iPhone. This week, what could be the scanner itself leaked.

Alongside the iPhone 5S, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5C, a budget version of its best-selling handset. It should come in a range of colours, while the 5S is said to be available in champagne gold and gunmetal grey. There could also be a 6-inch iPhone on the way, though probably not for some time.

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