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iPhone 5S outsells 5C three to one, but 5C eating into Android

Three times as many people are buying the iPhone 5S than the 5C, but Samsung and LG owners are defecting to the 5C.

Three times as many people are buying the iPhone 5S than the 5C, according to the latest figures -- but the 5C is still causing trouble for Android as Samsung and LG owners defect to the fruit-flavoured phone.

Even though it's not doing boffo business, the 5C is carrying out a stealthier objective, according to the latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, as reported by the Telegraph: it's enticing those who haven't bought Apple phones before.

While the 5S is hoovering money from the wallets of the Apple faithful -- 80 per cent of 5S owners upgraded from a previous iPhone -- the 5C seduced almost half of its owners away from other brands -- with many Samsung and LG Android phones left cuckolded.

In that respect the two phones seem to be performing exactly as intended: the high-margin 5S swells Apple's coffers, while the 5C sells less but eats into Android's market lead.

5C buyers tend to be from lower income households than those who had previously swelled Apple's coffers, and slightly older at an average of 38 than the average age of the 5S owner, which is 34.

In Britain, 86 per cent of mobile devices are smart phones. Android still dominates the market, with Apple a distant second. Meanwhile Windows Phone is fast establishing a comfortable lead over BlackBerry in third place. 

The iPhone 5S boasts a cutting-edge processor and fingerprint scanner, while the 5C is basically the iPhone 5 in a colourful case.

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