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iPhone 5S launch day gold rush

There's high demand for the gold iPhone 5S, but supplies are limited -- even the first customers to line up had trouble getting one. CNET's Bridget Carey talks to early adopters outside of New York's flagship Apple store.

CNET Update is digging for gold:

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You can count on the Apple faithful to wait in line every year to be among the first with a new iPhone. But for this year's launch day, things are a bit more complicated. Two models are hitting stores at once, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. And there are limited supplies of the high-end iPhone 5S -- especially in gold. Online orders made early Friday saw shipping dates pushed back a full month. And without the option for preorders, it appears lines this year were longer.

In this special edition of CNET Update, we visit New York's most popular Apple store on Fifth Avenue to find out how fast some models are selling out and what colors the crowds are craving.


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