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iPhone 5S helps Apple top Samsung in September

The 5S was the top-selling smartphone in the US last month, according to research firm Counterpoint Research.

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The iPhone 5S was available for only 10 days in September, yet it still outscored Samsung's Galaxy S4 in US sales, says a new report.

Overall, Apple sold 4.8 million iPhones last month, according to Counterpoint Research data obtained by the Guardian. That number gave it a 38 percent share of the US smartphone market for September and pushed Samsung to second place after being on top since May.

The 5S snagged the No. 1 spot, followed by the Galaxy S4. The 5C has been overshadowed by its more robust cousin, yet it still managed to take home third place among the top sellers.

Samsung is still the overall leader, having sold 23.4 million smartphones since April, compared with 18.5 million for Apple. Combined, Apple and Samsung continue to reign supreme over the US smartphone market, according to Counterpoint Research. The two companies accounted for 61 percent of the 68.1 million smartphones sold in the US since April.