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iPhone 5C shows its backside in video leak

A new HD silent film provides the most detailed look yet at what appears to be Apple's new budget iPhone.

Is this the new budget iPhone? Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

At last we get to see the iPhone 5C -- Apple's rumored budget iPhone supposedly set to be unveiled September 10 -- in fancy, modern moving pictures. Or at least the empty back housing of one in a pretty shade of canary yellow.

Apple leak-meister Sonny Dickson, who also earlier shared photos of other iPhone 5Cback plates and gave us an early peek at the iPad Mini last year, is back again with a detailed and strangely silent movie of what Dickson claims is another iPhone 5C backside.

The video lines up the new housing alongside previous iPhone iterations, and the alleged 5C looks to be thicker and taller than its predecessors. That's about all there is to learn from the clip, other than adding to the evidence that such an iPhone design is apparently real and colorful.

Perhaps some of you more eagle-eyed readers can spot other tweaks or tells about a new iPhone? Let us know what you see, in the comments.