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iPhone 5 UK release date is 21 September, pre-order on 14th

The iPhone 5 goes on sale next Friday, with pre-orders starting in two days time.

The iPhone 5 goes on sale next Friday, with pre-orders starting in just two days time.

Apple took the stage at its annual phone-a-thon conference to lift the lid on its latest blower, which features a 4-inch display, a new processor and a thinner, lighter design.

If you're wondering when you can get your mitts on one, wonder no more! UK Apple enthusiasts can snap up the company's sixth mobile next Friday, 21 September.

If you want to guarantee yourself a new mobile on that date you'd be wise to pre-order through Apple's website. You can do that from 14 September, which is in just two days' time.

How much will the iPhone 5 cost?

There's no word yet on UK prices, but what we do know is that the iPhone 5 will cost the same as the iPhone 4S on contract in the US. That's a good early indicator that the iPhone 5 will cost as much as previous iterations.

In other words, expect to fork out £500 for the 16GB iPhone 5, and more if you want to own the 32 or 64GB versions.

Excitingly, the iPhone 5 will be one of the first phones in the UK to work with British 4G networks, meaning owners will get faster data speeds. At the moment there's only one UK network capable of spewing out 4G signals, and that's Everything Everywhere, or EE. The double-caps network has confirmed that an exclusive 4G version of the iPhone 5 will be available.

For everything you need to know about the iPhone 5, click this link, and let me know whether you're excited about Apple's latest mobile in the comments below or on our Facebook wall.