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iPhone 5 twice as fast as 4S, early benchmark says

Early iPhone 5 benchmarks suggest Apple's new phone is a performance beast.

The iPhone 5 is shaping up to be a performance monster, if early benchmark results are to be believed -- the phone's first score indicates it packs more than twice the processing power of its predecessor, our sister site CNET News reports.

The Geekbench test result surfaced earlier this week and pegs the iPhone 5's new A6 processor as posting a healthy 1,601 in the test, where higher numbers are better.

The dual-core chip lurking inside Apple's new toy appear to trounce the scores achieved by its predecessor -- I just ran the Geekbench test on an iPhone 4S and achieved a score of 633.

That would see performance more than doubling since Apple's last effort, which was itself one of the more powerful mobiles out there. I've never experienced much slowdown running any app on the iPhone 4S (except perhaps when editing a substantial iMovie video), so I'm excited to see how the iPhone 5 performs in our barrage of benchmark tests.

But does it beat the Galaxy S3?

The iPhone 5's Geekbench score doesn't look to be quite as high as that of Samsung's quad-core Galaxy S3 however, which according to this list of results claims a face-melting score of 1,728. Yikes.



Just now we ran the Geekbench test on a rooted Galaxy S3 and achieved a score of 1,299, which tells me that before we know for sure which mobile is more powerful, we'll need to run a whole suite of side-by-side tests. We'll be doing just that very shortly, so stay tuned.

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