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iPhone 5 triggers some positive reaction from Twittersphere

The unveiling of Apple's new iPhone excited plenty of twitterers, and now data from a social media research firm confirms what you knew all along.

The iPhone 5 in hand.
The iPhone 5 in hand. James Martin/CNET

The tweets were flying in reaction to the launch of the iPhone 5 on Wednesday. So what types of responses did the new phone elicit?

A full 39 percent of the tweets about the iPhone 5 were positive, according to a report from research firm Crimson Hexagon. Among those, 14 percent said they were excited about the new phone or planned to buy it and 18 percent were eagerly anticipating or were excited about the launch itself. Just 7 percent of the positive tweets centered around new features such as the support for 4G LTE.

As examples, one eager iPhone 5 tweeter posted: "It's finally here, I want it so bad," while another said: "Im def about to cop the new iPhone, no matter the price."

Others tweeters discussed more neutral topics. Among the 30 percent included in that category, 18 percent were just "spreading the news," while 6 percent talked about sales expectations. Another 6 percent asked questions about the iPhone 5.

Crimson Hexagon

About 12 percent of the responses were negative. Among this crowd, 8 percent didn't care about the launch or thought it was just hype, while 4 percent said they wouldn't buy the phone or said they didn't like Apple or the phone's new features.

One tweeter unlikely to pick up the new iPhone said: "I honestly think it's overrated and over priced." Another posted: "The changes are not THAT grand anyway. What's with the hype?"

And a hefty 19 percent tried to express their comedic talents by injecting some humor and sarcasm about the phone and the launch event.

One person tweeted: "If you order online now, you'll get it before Valentine's Day. 2015," while another posted: "Checking the iPhone 5 spec. Good news is the 'phone call' function is still available!"

Based in Boston, Crimson Hexagon monitors and analyzes information from social networks.

For the report, the firm analyzed more than 1.9 million tweets that mentioned the iPhone 5 and 1.6 million that expressed an opinion of it. Those tweets were monitored from Wednesday until this morning.

A spokeswoman for the research firm told CNET that "Crimson Hexagon...has full access to Twitter's firehose, which allows the company to analyze and derive sentiment from social conversations."

Updated 12:30 p.m. PT with examples of tweets.