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iPhone 5 tops iPad Mini as more desirable product, survey says

In a contest between unannounced products, the next iteration of the iPhone proves to be the surer bet, according to CouponCodes4u.


The next iPhone and the iPad Mini haven't even been announced, but some people are already looking to see which will come out ahead.

By a wide margin, more customers want to buy an iPhone 5 than an iPad Mini, according to a survey conducted by coupon site CouponCodes4u.

The 1,900-person survey found that 78 percent would choose the iPhone 5, some saying they would use the smartphone more, while others questioned the use of a smaller version of the current iPad.

The results aren't that surprising. While the iPad has been a phenomenal success, it remains a largely a luxury item. The iPhone, however, is a utilitarian device at a time when smartphones are a must-have for many consumers. Undoubtedly, both will sell well if Apple unveils the products, as it's expected to do next month.

The survey, meanwhile, doesn't represent a full cross-section of consumers. More than three-quarters of the respondents already owned an Apple product, with 64 percent owning an iPhone and nearly 40 percent an iPad.

The survey also found that 21 percent of the respondents would consider an iPad Mini for their children.