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iPhone 5 tipped for September again, pops up on server logs

The iPhone 5 is on track to launch next month, according to one 'insider'.

The iPhone 5 is on track for a September launch, according to one 'insider', despite whispers of component shortages.

A 'trusted industry insider' said that Apple's fabled iPhone 5 -- which will actually be the sixth iPhone from the iPad-spawning company -- is on track to debut next month, Apple Insider reports.

The source mentions, however, that there could be some hiccups in the ol' supply chain, and availability of parts like the touch panels made by Sharp and LG may be on the low side.

Recent murmurs have pointed to Cook and company's upcoming toy being unveiled at an event on 12 September, and going on sale soon afterwards. The mythical miniature iPad mini is even on the launch event bill, according to one report.

The site's source handily hints that recently leaked snaps showing the new iPhone in fully-assembled form are "very likely authentic". The pictures, which match other leaks that have sprung up over the last few months, point to a taller smart phone with a 4-inch display, as well as a sultry stripe across the much-desired gadget's posterior.

That 4-inch display supposedly has a 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning there are no annoying black bars when you swivel the iPhone around to watch movies and the like. Going by those leaked snaps, the basic look doesn't seem to have changed much though -- something that could irk fans in the market for a fresh design.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch claims to have been sent a screenshot showing a prototype iPhone 5 appearing on a 'reliable' source's server logs. The model is pegged as 'iPhone5,2', though whether or not it actually came from the next-generation blower is nigh-on impossible to verify.

Is a 12 September launch event realistic, or is that too soon to expect a new iPhone? Let me know what you're expecting from Apple in the comments or on our Facebook wall.