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iPhone 5 shows what it's made of, dual-core

A pic has leaked purporting to show the inside of the iPhone 5. So what's new? A bigger battery and the same processor as the iPad 2.

We've had rumoured launch dates, a shot purporting to be taken with its camera, and now comes the most intimate iPhone 5 leak yet: its insides.

This picture, spotted by PhoneArena, is unverified, having sprung up on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, but looks as if it could be genuine. If so, the iPhone 5 will have the same processor as the iPad 2.

Pictured is an A5 processor, which is the same dual-core engine as the iPad 2, along with a new battery. The 4.2V, 1,430mAh cell is a little more powerful than the iPhone 4's 3.7V, 1,420mAh unit, meaning it'll go a tad longer between charges.

The LCD also appears to stretch edge to edge, meaning a bigger screen, just as a recent fake site dreamed up.

Some components are still missing, including an antenna, hinting this could be a prototype rather than the finished version. Another possibility is it's the insides of the iPhone 4S that's also rumoured, giving a slight spec bump to the iPhone 4. Or it could be a fake, of course.

So, add another rumour to the iPhone 5 pile. It could be dual-core, which would put it on a par with some other handsets, giving it blazingly fast speeds and aiding multi-tasking no end.

The latest iPhone 5 news? Samsung is apparently prepping a legal challenge for launch day, looking to rain on Apple's parade. Last week we brought you news the handset may well have a new tapered design. And yesterday developers were told that on Thursday the iCloud backup data will be reset, according to the Guardian, hinting the final version of iOS5 will be released imminently, which could also mean a new handset. We can't wait.

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