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iPhone 5 sales in 3 days match first month for 4S

The iPhone 5 is off to a great start, matching first-month demand for the 4S in just three days.

It only went on sale yesterday, but the iPhone 5 has already sold about as many as the 4S managed in its first month. That's according to digital analytics company ComScore, CNET reports.

So it seems the whole Maps debacle hasn't had much impact on demand.

ComScore is a little quiet on exact numbers, but it seems the iPhone 5 was pre-ordered 96 per cent as many times in three days as there were iPhone 4S sales in the first month. (This data is for the US only.) Apple has previously said the iPhone 5 was pre-ordered 2 million times in the first 24 hours. It's not one to stay quiet on its successes, so I'm sure we'll have an update soon.

What does ComScore put these numbers down to? It's pretty common sense, really. There are more people wanting smart phones than ever before. And lots have been holding out for the iPhone 5, shown by the fact sales of smart phones didn't pick up as usual in the second quarter of the year (that's between April and June).

Not exactly rocket science.

Another report -- this one from Piper Jaffray -- showed 83 per cent of people buying an iPhone 5 were upgrading from a previous iPhone. This compares with 73 per cent for the iPhone 4S and 77 per cent for the 4. So it looks like Apple isn't succeeding in converting many Android fans to iOS.

It's an impressive start for the iPhone 5, despite the software's teething problems. But it still faces stiff competition: its arch rival, the Samsung Galaxy S3, has had a storming year too, notching up 20 million sales in just 100 days. So Apple still has a fair way to go to match that.

Will it manage? Did you buy an iPhone 5? Or has the whole Maps mess left you lost? Let me know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.