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iPhone 5 rumoured for autumn, not summer

New reports suggest the Apple iPhone 5 will fall to earth with the autumn leaves.

Dying to know when the iPhone 5 will appear? Another date has emerged as a contender today, with reports suggesting the new Apple phone will fall to earth with the autumn leaves.

Japanese blog Macotakara quotes an Asian source that puts the launch of the next generation of Apple smartphone in September or October.

That's a much longer wait than many of the other potential dates bandied about, which predict a summer launch. Ultimately, the only people who know for definite are the top brass at Apple HQ -- even Apple's employees don't know -- but hey, it's fun to speculate. What else are we going to do with ourselves, go outside and talk to people? Pssshaw!

It would make sense from Apple's point-of-view to wait longer before dropping le iPhone version cinq: the iPhone 4S has only been out for five minutes and is still selling like heated baked goods, so there's no need to put the brakes on that by giving potential customers something to hold their pennies back for.

If Apple does opt for an autumn launch, that will be a full year since the 4S came along, and could mark a shift to a regular pre-Christmas release.

Apple also has to find time to unveil a new iPad. The iPad 3 is expected to arrive on 7 March sporting a new retina display and thinner battery.

While we're waiting, here's our favourite fan-made concept designs of what the iPhone 5 could look like. Can you wait until October for a new iPhone? How will you amuse yourself this summer without a new iPhone to play with? Tell me your thoughts on the iPhone 5 in the comments or on our Facebook page.