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iPhone 5 owners complain of 'green glow', exchange handsets

There's another problem with the iPhone 5, this time it's a green glow around the bottom of the screen.

So you got your iPhone 5, did you? You obviously weren't put off by the whole Apple Maps debacle. Or the fact that the black model scratches extremely easily (and that Apple considers this normal). Or the purple flare that shows up when you take pictures (normal again, apparently). Or the green glow, a new fault people are finding with their phones, Pocketnow reports.

Wake your iPhone 5 up from sleep, and the screen glows green around the edges. On some models, anyway. I think it's pretty hard to spot, as you can see from the above picture and the video below. But some say they complained about it, and Apple swapped their handsets for new models.

"To be perfectly honest, it's almost a non-issue -- as it does dissolve after a sec or so, however the fact it's there at all is unsettling and is getting more noticeable over time," writes a poster named 'Uelogy' on the forum over at MacRumors. Uelogy had his or her handset replaced by Apple, too.

See what you think from the video.

I know, blink and you miss it, right?

It only really seems to happen at the bottom of the display. And the fact it goes away after a few seconds says to me it's not really an issue. Though I can understand people being concerned it could cause problems down the line. And if you've just coughed up several hundred pounds for a new phone, you want it to be as near-perfect as possible.

There's no word from Apple on the matter yet. Quick -- somebody email Tim Cook and see what happens.

The iPhone 5 has been beset with problems since launch. Is this really an issue? Do you think Apple is letting its standards slip? Or are we just getting pickier about our gadgets? Let me know what you reckon in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.