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iPhone 5 on sale second week of October?

Apple is denying employees of its Apple Stores holiday in the second week of October, according to rumours. Will the iPhone 5 be here then?

Apple is denying employees holiday in the second week of October, according to AppleInsider. That hints it's readying itself for a major launch, which could well be that iPhone 5 about which we've brought you a news report or two.

The dates to avoid if you're on the Cupertino payroll are said to be 9-12 and 14-15 October (no idea what's happening on the 13 October). So, pencil in the second week of October for the iPhone 5 launch.

"Apple is quietly denying requests for employee vacations during the second week of October," AppleInsider reports, "hinting that the company currently anticipates an influx of customers to its stores around that time related to availability of its new iOS5 and fifth-generation iPhone products." All signs point to an announcement on 4 October, so this all seems to square with what we already know.

Twitter has also scheduled some developer events for 10 and 12 October, with a heavy focus on its integration with iOS5. On Saturday we brought you news iTunes Match iCloud is set to be reset later today, hinting iOS5 is ready to go.

Al Gore, who serves as a director on Apple's board, last week let slip there would be more than one model of new iPhone coming out, but an analyst told The Guardian on Friday there'll just be one, with the iPhone 4 and 3GS staying on sale. So details are anything but concrete.

The iPhone 5 is rumoured to have a new tapered design, dual-core processor (which tallies with The Guardian's report), and an 8-megapixel camera. A bigger screen is also hinted at.

Check out our animated infographic for a quick history of the iPhone. 

Will you be joining the queue come launch day? We'll bring you all the news as it breaks, let us know if you're looking forward to it on our Facebook page.