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iPhone 5 NFC chip: Everywhere you go, always take your Mac desktop with you

The iPhone 5 could sport a Near Field Communication chip that would allow you to wirelessly transfer your home Mac settings onto any other compatible Apple computer.

The iPhone 5 could let you wirelessly import your home Mac settings onto any other compatible Apple computer, according to a freshly baked loaf of speculation, straight from the rumour mill. 

The Cult of Mac website claims to have received a tip that the iPhone 5 will use Near Field Communication, a short-range wireless technology, to transfer your Mac settings to another Mac. An NFC-capable iPhone 5 would store your desktop data and settings. When you waved it at an NFC-capable Mac, that Mac would load your apps, settings and data, effectively allowing you to replicate your home computer's desktop on another machine.

Once you took your phone out of range and broke the communication link with the computer, the Mac you'd waved the phone at would go back to its original settings.

You could transfer your address-book contacts, and even show your desktop wallpaper, mouse and keyboard settings on the target Mac. Cult of Mac's source said the technology would eventually extend to remotely loading your software licences and social-network passwords, although that would clearly raise security questions.

If Cult of Mac's report is well-founded, the technology could prove very useful for businesses, and would also make owning a Mac a much more attractive option for iPhone users. If information were stored in the cloud, the technology could also open the way for you to access your iTunes or iPhoto libraries on other Macs as well.

Cult of Mac's source apparently claimed that, although Apple has been working on this feature for some time, there's still a chance it might never be released. What do you think? Does it sound too good to be true? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credit: Cult of Mac