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iPhone 5 motherboard leaks, components assembled

Glimpse the major components of the new iPhone 5 expected later this year, including the motherboard.

It's the mother of all iPhone 5 leaks! Or at least, it's the motherboard of the new iPhone, leaked. Now we've had good look at most of the major components of the new taller iPhone expected later this year.

The motherboard is the circuit board that holds the various critical components of a computer or phone. The logic board holds the phone's processor, which will certainly be speeded up from the current version, as well as the SIM card tray.

The new iPhone is likely be the first to use new, smaller nano-SIM cards, freeing up space for other components, and for the phone to be thinner.

Now we've got a glimpse of the logic board, iFixYouri has compiled the leaked photos to give an idea of how the components will be assembled in the actual phone.

The new phone is set to have a larger battery, although the bump in power isn't huge. Conversely, the dock connector is smaller, with some reports suggesting it will have as few as 9 pins instead of the current 30. The headphone jack has moved to be next to the dock in the bottom of the phone.

But most importantly, we now know that the happy dancing chap is actually the component that takes care of the volume and vibrating. He's upside down at the bottom there. See him? At the bottom -- you got 'im.

The new iPhone 5 will be taller than the current model when you hold it normally, or wider when you turn it sideways to landscape orientation. The wider 4-inch screen will be 16:9, banishing black bars when you watch movies and TV.

The new phone is expected to make its first appearance in September, when the assembled components will come together like a troupe of well-drilled circus acrobats. Will the new iPhone maintain Apple's lead at the top of the smart phone tree? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.