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iPhone 5 may have curved glass screen

Apple may be looking to put a curved display on the iPhone 5, according to Taiwanese supply chain sources. Could this be the stinkiest rumour yet?

Apple will give the iPhone 5 a curved glass screen, according to Digitimes' Taiwanese supply-chain sources. The screen could be reminiscent of that on the fourth-generation iPod nano.

We've grown used to Apple adding subtle curves to the casing of a number of its products but, until now, each generation of the iPhone has had a flat touchscreen.

A flat screen seems to make more sense given the phone's touch-based interface. A curved screen could be more difficult to use, especially when it comes to playing games and using creative software.

Other considerations also suggest that this rumour stinks.

With manufacturers striving to make the thinnest devices possible, it seems odd that Apple would opt for a curved screen at this point. It would probably give the phone a retro look too, and Apple is all about cutting-edge styling.

What about issues of glare and reflections? Using a phone with a flat screen in direct sunlight is bad enough. Even with an advanced anti-reflective coating, a curved screen could be a nightmare.

For all the manufacturing challenges, though, a curved screen might give Apple more room inside the iPhone, perhaps for a larger battery or new components. With every iPhone having to be thinner than the last, a curved display might be a happy cheat. 

What do you think? Should Apple go curvy or keep its iPhone screen flat? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook wall.