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iPhone 5 leaked screen compared to Galaxy S3 in video

Leaked parts purportedly purloined from an iPhone 5 have been examined in a new video.

Enterprising tinkerers have created a new video showcasing components reportedly heading for the iPhone 5, even comparing a leaked front panel with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Although the iPhone 5 is rumoured to be the biggest iPhone yet with a 4-inch display, it's easily dwarfed by Samsung's 4.8-inch flagship phone in terms of both width and height.

Check out the video below -- the Galaxy S3 comparison kicks off at the 1m 10s mark. The S3 shown in the video has a crimson hue that's miles apart from the blue or white options currently on sale, likely because the clip's authors have their mitts on the red version that recently became available in the US.

The video, uploaded by SmartphoneMedic and spied by Macrumours, also sees the front panel compared to the iPhone 4S, and gives a peek at the itsy-bitsy new connector dock as well.

Whether or not the iPhone 5 can do battle with the quad-core Galaxy S3 is the question currently burning at the front of every gadget fan's mind. Based on what we've seen so far though, Apple's next offering is unlikely to attract shoppers who prize display real-estate above all else.

There's plenty more to a decent smart phone than a great big screen, of course -- when the iPhone 5 comes out we'll be evaluating the software treats on board, as well as processor speed, battery life and -- of course -- price.

Apple's upcoming toy is tipped to be announced just a few weeks from now, on 12 September. In the meantime, the video below will tell you everything we know so far about Tim Cook and cronies' next mobile.

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