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iPhone 5 could have new earbuds, photos show assembled phone

The new iPhone 5 could have new earbuds, as leaked photos show the iPhone 5 assembled and compared to today's iPhones.

The new iPhone 5 could have new earbuds. Lugholes of the world rejoice! New photos also show the new iPhone assembled and compared to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 3G.

Pictures of the alleged bits that will make up the new iPhone have been leaking left, right and centre, and Chinese site Sohu has cobbled those components together to see what the new phone could look like.

The new thinner iPhone will have a 16:9 screen for widescreen viewing when you turn the phone sideways. The headphone jack is moved to the bottom, next to a new smaller dock connector -- and the headphones themselves could have a new design too.

Reliable Vietnamese site Tinhte shows photos of potential new iBuds, which appear smaller and more ergonomically shaped than the whacking great big buds currently employed. If they're real, they certainly look more comfortable than the present versions.

It's about time Apple did something about its execrable earbuds. Apple needs to either make them better or ditch them altogether: anyone with any sense ditches them immediately upon opening their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and invests in a half-decent pair.

It's worth spending at least a bit of money on headphones. They don't have to be super-expensive audiophile cans, just something that makes your music sound near its best. You wouldn't buy a fantastic high-definition television and then watch it with sunglasses on, so check out our guide to the best headphones money can buy -- your ears will thank you and so will the people around you, as Apple's awful white earbuds leak tinny music so loudly that other people on the bus or train wonder if you've actually got the headphones plugged in at all.  

Are you happy with the Apple earbuds? What headphones or earbuds do you swear by? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Tinhte