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iPhone 5 case schematics suggest edge to edge display, curved back

Leaked schematics that reportedly show case designs for the iPhone 5 suggest the upcoming phone will have a larger display, curved back and a redesigned home button.

Documents that seem to show case schematics for the iPhone 5 have surfaced at, and show a design radically different from the current iPhone 4.

We've heard no end of speculation that the fifth coming of the Jesus phone will be the same as the iPhone 4, at least in terms of design. But these computer-generated drawings, reportedly from a Chinese case manufacturer, say different.

Most notable is a curved back plate, much like the one on the iPhone 3GS. There's a much bigger display on show too -- this one seems to go edge to edge, with no bezel around the sides.

That would square with other rumours we've heard about bezel-free displays. Another interesting quirk is an elongated space where the home button sits. Rather than a neat little circle, it looks much broader.

That could mean the iPhone 5 will just have a bigger home button, but some are speculating that the large oval space could be for a tiny multi-touch panel.

We know iOS 5, the new version of the iOS operating system that will doubtless ship with the new iPhone, will feature some interesting new ways to navigate the phone, so perhaps that idea isn't too ridiculous. Still, we wonder how you'd fit more than one digit in that little space.

Tsk. And we thought we'd got the iPhone 5 all figured out. On balance, while the design on show here is intriguing -- and leaked case designs have proved accurate in the past -- there's nothing to suggest this manufacturer knows any more than we do. We'd still lean toward the iPhone 5 being a minor revision, akin to the step from the 3G to the 3GS.

What's your take? Is that the new iPhone up there? If you know, we'd love for you to tell us in the comments section, or on our Facebook wall.

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