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iPhone 5 camper hears London Apple store robbery

Rob Shoesmith, who is camping outside London's Covent Garden Apple store in anticipation of, ahem, iPhone 5, is asleep when he hears motorcycles. A gang allegedly makes off with around $75,000 worth of gear.

The whole point of camping outside an Apple store in anticipation of some shiny new toy is that it should be exciting.

People should come up to you, chat with you, and take pictures. News organizations should interview you. And, should there be a smash-and-grab robbery, you should be there to tell everyone what it was like.

How heart-warming, then, for Rob Shoesmith, who is currently camping outside the Apple store in London's Covent Garden, that he was woken by a motorcycle gang who allegedly smashed their way into the store and grabbed around $75,000 worth of goodies.

You might remember Shoesmith. His self-promoting camping scheme is intended to last until Apple's new iPhone comes out. No, not that little iPhone 4S update thing. The iPhone 5.

Indeed, his blog is called The iPhone 5 Experiment.

Be careful out there. CC Magnus D/Flickr

So please imagine how he must have felt at 1:15 a.m. Sunday, when he heard roaring motorcycles disturb his sleep.

You don't have to imagine too hard, because Shoesmith immediately blogged: "Woke up to hear a load of motor bikes zoom in and then a smash and grab. Alarm going off and police have just got here! Really annoying as I was having an early sleep and was out for the count. Looks like a lot of Mac computers have been stolen with 4 motor bikes. Police are everywhere now!"

And he's only been out there a week.

News reports suggest that seven motorcyclists and moped riders were involved in this daring swoop. Police say two men have been arrested, but they are seeking more.

Shoesmith, for his part, seems to have abandoned the notion of living by his experiment's brand name. For he posted today: "Not that long to go now and I simply cannot wait for Friday to come and get back home (with a shiny iPhone4S). I think I have a bit of a cold which doesn't help the tiredness."

Poor thing. He's settling for an iPhone 4S. He's not waiting for the big one. In fact, he says he's off to Dubai on a trip provided by one of his sponsors.

Clearly, it's too dangerous to be camping outside Apple stores these days.