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iPhone 5 camera has purple halo problem, owners report

iPhone 5 users are reporting purple 'halo' problems with the new blower's camera.

iPhone 5 owners are complaining that Apple's new phone take photos with an annoying purple haze.

The complaint appears to have surfaced in a forum thread at AnandTech, and sees an unsightly purple halo appearing when photos are taken with the new phone pointing toward bright light sources.

One user has reportedly contacted Apple support and was told it was a widespread issue, though we've extensively tested the iPhone 5's camera and didn't notice any such problems. That could be because there's so little sun here in the UK, of course.

All cameras struggle with lens flare when pointed into a bright light, but the complaint here seems to be the iPhone 5 is more prone to the chromatic wobble than most. If there really is an issue, it's suspected by some that the phone's sapphire crystal lens could be responsible.

One user has posted a video of the gripe, so you can see the purple halo in action for yourself.

It's tough to know exactly how common the complaint is, but if you've had any problems with your iPhone 5's camera then drop us a note in the comments.

Based on our testing, the iPhone 5's camera is very similar to that of the iPhone 4S, though it seems to produce photos that are a little more colourful than those of its predecessor.

How's your smart phone camera? Have you bought an iPhone 5 or would you rather wrap your digits around a Samsung Galaxy S3? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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